Texas Negotiated Divorce

About A Texas Do It Yourself Divorce

The idea of the divorce process can be overwhelming. This is where you take a breath, and begin to familiarize yourself with a Texas do it yourself divorce and some basics about Texas family law such as the legal process, dividing property, and creating a parenting plan. This is not legal advice, but rather information intended to provide a context for the decisions you will make as you negotiate the terms of your customized divorce.

Tools for Texas Divorce Law

Negotiated Divorce provides you with information about how Texas divorce law treats the different parts of your divorce. View the Legal Process for a summary of the steps you must take to be divorced in Texas.  Under the Property Division, you will find an overview of Texas property law as it relates to divorce.

The contents of your Parenting Plan will be explained under the Child-related Issues. Our News articles also contain many co-parenting after divorce information and tips.

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