Refund Policy

We guarantee that the forms provided by Negotiated Divorce™ will be accepted by the court. If the forms are not accepted because of a problem we created, Negotiated Divorce™ will make any changes requested by the court or judge without charge. If that is not possible, a refund will be issued for the full purchase price. Verification of any denial or rejection may be requested. THIS GUARANTEE IS VOID IF YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THIS DOCUMENT AFTER WE SEND IT TO YOU.

Negotiated Divorce™ provides services significantly beyond the simple preparation of forms. The education materials, negotiation assistance, and customer care provided while you are using our website are three of the more valuable services provided. For this reason, a refund is not guaranteed in cases where a customer has accessed the site but has not submitted the forms to the court. In addition, we obviously cannot guarantee that both spouses will sign the documents and we cannot be responsible if a customer changes his or her mind, or if spouses cannot reach an agreement. All requests are, however, reviewed by support staff. Any refunds issued will be subject to a $25.00 handling fee.