Who Should Choose Us

There are many ways to get divorced, so why do couples choose Negotiated Divorce?

Negotiated Divorce is designed for couples who are willing to work together toward an amicable divorce, who want to keep lawyers and judges out of their divorce as much as possible, and who are confident they can make smart decisions if they have enough information and help. Those who use our service include couples who have few issues to resolve, as well as those with significant assets and minor children to consider. They all have an interest in putting together their own settlement in a way that works best for their family.

You qualify to use Negotiated Divorce if either you or your spouse has lived in Texas for at least six months, and in the county where the divorce is filed for at least 90 days.

Even though those who choose Negotiated Divorce for their family are unique, we find that many people who visit our site have some common characteristics. They want a fair process that will produce a fair result based on their standards. They want the information they need to make their own decisions, rather than paying others to make decisions for them. And they place a high value on their time and the assets they’ve accumulated as a result of their hard work.