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Kitchen Table Agreements: Just You & Your Spouse

The “kitchen table” model is named for the place where many couples sit down to discuss serious topics like divorce. This method of decision-making involves just two people – you and your spouse. This is different from the Lawyer-Assisted Method, in that it’s only you and your spouse. It’s the simplest and least expensive way to get a divorce IF you and your spouse can make it work. But if each spouse doesn’t have all the facts about marital property rights and obligations, as well as reliable information about their assets and debts, trying to settle a divorce using the kitchen table method may make matters worse.

Couples can successfully negotiate their own divorce with no help if their estate is small or uncomplicated; if both spouses are emotionally ready to accept the divorce; and if they are interested in finding a solution that works for their family rather than trying to reach the same result they might get if they went to court.

There is no doubt that the kitchen table method of settling your divorce is the least expensive, most efficient way to come to an agreement. The facts that led up to the divorce also remain private when lawyers or other divorce professionals are not involved in your case.

If, however, you and your spouse aren’t fully advised about the law, or don’t have equal bargaining power, you may give up valuable rights that you don’t even know you have. In addition, the terms of your agreement might be unworkable or might unravel if you seek legal advice after the terms of the agreement have been negotiated.

The Negotiated Divorce structured settlement process makes it possible for you and your spouse to settle your case without the assistance of divorce professionals. Our program contains all the information you need to make long-lasting, workable agreements to complete your divorce, taking as much time as you need to reach agreements, in the privacy of your own home. Read more about Having Fair Standards to a Divorce Without Lawyers.

Strengths of a Kitchen Table Agreement

Weaknesses of a Kitchen Table Agreement

  • Inexpensive
  • Quick
  • Private
  • You may be unknowingly giving up valuable rights.
  • Lack of information to make informed decisions.
  • Review by lawyers might undo the deal
  • Strong emotions get in the way of making agreements
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