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You’re here for one simple reason. You’ve considered your options and you’re ready to work through the divorce process on your own terms. Whether you have a small estate or have assets to divide, the Negotiated Divorce system is the only divorce service designed for smart, successful people who want to thoughtfully and carefully craft a customized uncontested divorce settlement that best serves their needs. And if you have children, we also give you everything you need to create a customized parenting plan. Filing for an uncontested divorce online in Texas has never been easier.

Think an Online Divorce Service Can’t Meet Your Needs? Think Again.

Searching for an online divorce website can be discouraging. Most sites seem to want to take your money, give you some papers, and send you on your way. Most sites seem to be aimed at families who have no assets and no children – anything more complex is beyond their capacity.

But you have worked hard to provide for your family, and as a result, you do have assets like a house or retirement account or stock in your company. If you have children, you care about your relationship with them and want to do everything possible to assure that they are happy and cared for. You’re certainly capable of filling out forms, but you need some guidance in order to feel comfortable that you’re doing it right – that you have done everything you can to protect your rights and avoid costly problems in the future.

The Negotiated Divorce® three-tiered system is the only online divorce service designed for families who have assets to divide, who might have minor children to consider, and who want to thoughtfully and carefully consider the future of their restructured family as they craft a customized divorce decree. Where the other sites send you forms and wish you luck, we guide you through the divorce process from beginning to end.

Why Negotiated Divorce?

Complete instructions on how to get divorced online in Texas, including an overview of Texas divorce law.

Comprehensive divorce education so you make informed decisions that work best for your family.

All the divorce forms, divorce documents, and divorce paperwork you need to complete your agreed, uncontested divorce in Texas.


We coach you about how to talk to your spouse and children about divorce in a way that sets the right tone for productive negotiations. We help you gather the information you need and organize it in a way that automatically generates the documents you need. Our education component uses written materials, video segments and dynamic graphics to teach you what you need to know to make smart decisions about dividing your estate and making arrangements for your children. And if the going gets tough, we offer negotiation services – live divorce professionals who work with you and your spouse to help you make agreements that work for you.

And best of all, you only pay for what you need. You can purchase each of our services individually as you need them or in a package for the best value.

In fact, we want to give you a preview of how we help you understand your options so you can make wise choices. Learn more about your divorce process options.

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